Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sly 2: Band of Theives

Sly 2: Band Of Thieves
9.6/10- Video Game Guy.

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You need this game!
That is if you like, Platformers.....
Anyway, Sly 2 makes platformers...Fun!! Most platformers just string together levels that don't really mean anything. As a result, you're just sort of platforming for the sake of platforming. Sly makes every objective count. Since you're only in town to pull off one job, everything you do relates to making that job possible. You'll typically start out by infiltrating an area and taking some reconnaissance photos. From that starting point, Bentley--the brains of the operation--maps out several steps. Sometimes you'll have to tail someone. You'll spend a lot of time picking pockets for keys. Some episodes require you to take out alarm boxes ahead of time. The way the game's levels all tie in to the main heist in some way is very cool, and it gives every single objective more meaning than it would have otherwise.

In Sly 2, you'll play as Sly, but you'll also get to control Bentley the turtle and Murray the hippo from time to time, since some objectives require their unique abilities. The differences between the three characters are pretty simple, but they're different enough to give each player a unique feel. Sly's the stealth guy, so he's the most agile of the three. Murray--hilariously decked out in a crazy wrestling costume--is your muscle, so his moves are focused on breaking stuff and beating people up. Bentley is the runt of the gang, but he's also smart enough to bring some gadgets along with him. His sleep darts can put guards under for a brief period of time, which is usually more than enough time to run up and use Bentley's other default gadget, a time bomb. You can also purchase new abilities and items for the characters, which can help make things easier, but you can usually get by without any additional help, because the game controls quite well. Each character has two attack moves at his disposal, including a stealth attack that you can only perform if you get behind an unsuspecting guard. In the event that you do get hit, though, you'll just take a little damage. Sly 2 is more forgiving than its predecessor that way, as the first game would put you down after getting hit once (or twice, if you had a special item).
It also has the ability to use the PS2 Usb Headset. When you are getting the mission described, it broadcasts in your ear! Thats the best way i have ever seen the headset used!!
I also like the ability to just run around levels. I'm done with this game and I'm still playing!

•Ability to run around levels.
•Cool in-level challenge, find the bottles, and you can get a gadget!

•Turret is a little bit hard to control.

My rating 9.6/10




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